ID Finance helps COVID patients stay in touch with their loved ones
8 April 2020

Since the beginning of the State of Alarm due to the arrival of COVID-19 in Spain, hospital admissions have increased without precedent and health infrastructure is reaching capacity limits. With the confinement measures, hospitalized patients are in a vulnerable situation and as a precaution cannot receive visits from their loved ones.

Given this situation, ID Finance, in collaboration with Obra Social San Juan de Dios, has launched a donation of tablet devices that will allow hospitalized COVID patients to get in touch with their families and loved ones. This action will help patients without financial means at Sant Boi Hospital, part of Parc Sanitari Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.

The donation aims to help patients feel accompanied, digitally, by family and friends. In times of sickness, feeling the affection of loved ones is more important than ever.

The donation made on April 7th, was delivered directly to the Obra Social San Juan de Dios. This donation is part of the Connect Emotionsprogram and will enable patients to talk with their families through WhatsApp’s video call and feel connected, once again, with their loved ones.

“Social responsibility is part of our core values” said Boris Batine, CEO and cofounder of ID Finance. “It defines the company and how it addresses its business and stakeholders. Now, more than ever, collaborating and helping those in need is key to overcoming this difficult situation.”

Gabriel Vaquer
Brand & Communications Manager
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