ID Finance awarded Audelco certificate for COVID-free return to work protocol
14 July 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic meant that employees in Spain had to work from home for three months. Spaniards weren’t allowed to leave their homes, let alone go to the office. This time has shown people how to work from home, thereby reducing the number of office workers, but it has also been an opportunity to create safer workplaces.

This is the case of ID Finance. The Barcelona-based fintech is passionately committed to employee health and decided to rearrange its offices according to health criteria to guarantee a safe, COVID-free space. In order to adapt its facilities, ID Finance underwent an independent audit from Audelco. The auditing firm prepared a “COVID-19 action protocol for a safe return to the office”, which includes issues such as employee planning or engagement, signage, cleaning, working from home, access control and the monitoring of movements.

The report highlighted ID Finance’s first-rate preparations for its employees’ return to work. Vanessa Martínez, Head of HR at ID Finance, explains that “since the start of the pandemic, the health and safety of our employees and their families have been our priority. And thanks to our IT team and our technology, we managed to adapt all our posts to remote working in a record time. Now with the new normal, we wanted to make sure that all our processes and our preventive measures strictly follow the Ministry of Health guidelines, so we joined forces with Audelco and successfully created a safe space to work in”. 

More specifically, ID Finance meets all the requirements established in the audit, without there being a single point considered as a non-conformity (NC). This is why Audelco awarded the certificate to the fintech firm. Vanessa Martínez adds that in the first days back at the office, “we are working remotely on a voluntary basis. Even so, our office has been open again since July 1st to anyone who wants to come in and work. Upon arrival, they find a completely safe space adapted to the new normal, and they are also given a kit with hand gels and face masks. Our HR policy has always been focused on the well-being of our workers, providing flexibility, work-life balance and – now, more than ever – safety”.

Gabriel Vaquer
Brand & Communications Manager
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