ID Finance achieves a new milestone: corporate bond issuance rated B- by Fitch Ratings
23 November 2020

Fitch Ratings, one of the top international credit rating agencies in the world, has assigned the ID Finance Spain S.A.U a ‘B-‘ rating for its 9,5% corporate bond 2020/2023 (XS2231806394).

“Taking into consideration the pandemic that is affecting the whole world, ID Finance Spain has maintained its strong profitability, continued growing and managed to access capital markets. Fitch’s ‘B-‘ rating is a clear indication that, despite the current world’s situation, ID Finance Spain’s operations are solid and the company’s financials are sustainable,” said Boris Batine, CEO and co-founder of ID Finance.

This sets a new milestone for the Spanish FinTech and strengthens the attractiveness of the bond which was listed in September 2020 to the regulated market (General Standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Find the full press release on Fitch’s website.

Gabriel Vaquer
Brand & Communications Manager
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