ID Finance becomes Spain’s first carbon-neutral Fintech
16 July 2020

ID Finance, the data science, credit scoring and digital finance company, is committed to the environment and to the sustainability of the planet. Sustainability is part of the DNA and values of this Fintech. The fintech already offers sustainable financial solutions and is now taking another step towards environmental and social sustainability. With this goal in mind, and to offset its carbon footprint, the company has decided to work with a project located in Portel, in the state of Pará, Brazil, which is committed to sustainability in the Amazon and the development of the local community. ID Finance will thus become the first company in its sector to offset its carbon footprint in Spain and become a carbon-neutral company.

The Barcelona-based Fintech has undergone an independent analysis to establish its carbon footprint. The study shows that almost half of the environmental impact it generates occurs through air travel for work (42.6%), while the use of air conditioners (39.5%) and the energy used in offices and servers (17.6%) making up the rest.

Brazil was a deliberate choice for the company’s action. ID Finance is active in Brazil and in Mexico. This Fintech is committed to promoting sustainable action in the countries where it operates.

With this action in the Amazon, together with improvements in energy use, ID Finance has offset its carbon footprint to become a company with a Carbon Footprint Standard certificate stating that it is carbon-neutral.

What actions will the Fintech promote to become a zero-emissions company?

ID Finance, in addition to offsetting its carbon footprint with the proposed initiatives in Brazil, plans to reduce carbon dioxide emissions through changes in its day-to-day operations. The company will set out a plan of action to continue contributing through local action in Spain, Mexico and Brazil, as it has been doing for Covid-19. They will encourage videoconferences rather than face-to-face meetings, reducing CO2 emissions generated by air travel. In addition, they will encourage the sensible use of air conditioners to reduce consumption and environmental impact. They also plan to switch to sustainable energy companies and Fintech employees will receive internal training to raise awareness and adopt good environmental practices.

Gabriel Vaquer
Brand & Communications Manager
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