Boris Batine was found to be one of key European fintech influencers
21 May 2018

Boris Batine, the co-founder of ID Finance, was included in the list of most dominant figures in Europe’s fintech industry according to Lattice80. The list includes 200 persons involved in the fintech sector. Among them are businesspersons and managers with an essential contribution to the development of the industry.

These names should be known to stay up-to-date with the latest events and trends in the industry, the rating compilers note. Among the rating participants are Richard Olsen, founder of Lykke; Mark Ruddock, CEO of 4finance; Kristo Käärmann, сo-founder & CEO of TransferWise; Jeremy Allaire, сo-founder, Chairman & CEO of Circle, etc. The list is not ranked, and the participants are arranged in alphabetical order.

About 100 persons in the rating represent Great Britain; 21, Germany; 10, France, and 8, Switzerland. It is yet to witness any significant effect by Brexit on London’s status as the finance-technological centre of Europe. However, the City of London Corporation has already been working on actualising favourable policies and regulations to maintain the flow of funding and talent for the sector, the rating compilers comment. According to a report in December 2017 by Her Majesty’s Treasury, the Fintech sector “contributes £6.6 billion annually to the UK economy, and employs over 60,000 people in 1,600 companies”.

Lattice80 is a Global Fintech Hub headquartered in London. The Company connects 11,000 Fintech, Blockchain, Crypto Startups and 200,000 professionals in its database.

Boris Batine has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the Cambridge University in Great Britain and a Ph.D. in economics. Prior to starting ID Finance with another co-founder Alexander Dunaev in 2012, he held several top-management positions from deputy director of capital market division to vice-president in Deutsche Bank Group in London, Renaissance Capital and Royal Bank of Scotland.

Dmitry Gorokh
Director of Strategic Communications
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