78% of ID Finance customers are keen to recommend company services
11 September 2019

The company conducted a study of the consumer loyalty index (Net Promoter Score), interviewing more than two thousand customers. They were asked the question “What is the likelihood that you will recommend the service to your friends, acquaintances or colleagues?”. The probability of recommending the service was proposed to be evaluated on a scale of 1 “I will not recommend it” to 10 “I definitely recommend it.”

The NPS study determines how many supporters among users of the service (answered the question by putting 9 or 10), critics (from 0 to 6) and neutral customers (7 and 8). The index is defined as the difference in the proportion of supporters of the brand and its opponents. For example, ID Finance’s supporters as a result of the study amounted to 78%, critics – 7%, the NPS index was 71 scored. This is one of the highest indices on the Russian market. The company conducted a similar study in the summer of this year, when the NPS index was 68 scores.

According to the Delighted service, which deals with NPS in various sectors, the average consumer loyalty index in car sales is 48, in retail – 35, in the banking sector – 32, in the fast food market – 30, in the hotel business – 37. For companies such as Apple or Amazon NPS is from 60 to 90 scores.

Dmitry Gorokh
Director of Strategic Communications
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