ID Finance listed in top-50 IT-companies in Belarus
20 November 2019

For the second year in a row, ID Finance is included in the list of 50 largest IT-companies of Belarus according to the leading local IT-media

The company’s R&D center is ranked 29th in the list by the number of employees. Thus, ID Finance today is one of the leaders in hiring in the country’s IT industry. The company employs 180 technical specialists.

The list is based on a survey of representatives of the largest IT companies in Belarus. The data is current as of October 2019. The authors of the rating indicate an increase in employment in the industry. The total number of employees increased by 5,000 compared to last year, up to 34,000 people.

In addition to ID Finance, the list of the largest companies in the industry includes such players as EPAM, IBA, Wargaming, Itransition and TechArt.

Dmitry Gorokh
Director de estrategia de comunicación
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