ID Finance has Launched an Online Lending Service MoneyMan in Brazil


ID Finance – a leading International FinTech Company is announcing the launch of the MoneyMan online lending project in Brazil.

In November 2016, MoneyMan granted the first loan through website to a resident of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

One of the service’s advantages is a fully-automated process of loan review and granting. MoneyMan Brazil utilizes the risk assessment models developed by ID Finance. The seventh-generation decision-making system includes global and local scoring tools; applies elements of machine learning, probabilistic risk assessment based on statistics and analysis of data obtained from multiple sources.

The project has been implemented in cooperation with Socinal Financeira. Bank and serves as an integration example of a FinTech company and a traditional lending institution. Through API, MoneyMan utilizes the bank infrastructure as a lending platform. Hence, MoneyMan automates processes and concentrates on key competences: customer acquisition and risk assessment without diverting resources to the back office, whereas the bank monetizes the structure and the staff.

Filling out a loan application on the website takes no more than 5–10 minutes. The company grants loans up to 1,500 reais (about 420 euro) with loan repayment by installments for a term up to six months. The MoneyMan credit line represents five products. When using the service, clients will be able to obtain access to credit products with an increasing sum or at a reduced rate term. provides loans to Brazilian national adults to their bank accounts.

Brazil has become the sixth country where ID Finance projects are in operation. In 2012, MoneyMan was launched in Russia. In 2014, MoneyMan started its operation in Kazakhstan and Georgia. Later, in 2015, residents in Spain and Poland acquired access to the MoneyMan service and a new project of the Group, a service of automated POS-crediting AmmoPay was launched that year.

“The Brazilian market of online lending has a maximum potential in the LATAM Region. The population of the country is about 207 million people, 130 million of which have high-speed Internet access. Expansion of telecommunication services brings about an increase in volumes of e-commerce, a rise in interest to online banking and services of non-banking online lending. The potential annual volume of the online lending market in Brazil may be $7 billion,” declared Boris Batin, ID Finance Holding Co-Founder..

“IDFinance will continue its international expansion. The range of interests of the FinTech Group includes such states of Central and Southern America as Mexico, Colombia, Peru, as well as Eastern Europe countries. We are intending to use the unique competences of business scaling in the shortest possible time as our competitive advantage,” said Alexander Dunaev, Co-Founder of ID Finance Holding.

ID Finance has conducted two funding rounds. In 2013, during round A, the company had raised $3 MIO from a reputed businessman Vadim Dymov. In May 2015, during round B, the company had raised $6 MIO. The lead investor of that round was Emery Capital Fund.